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Hi, Bae.. This diary is only for you and me

Dear diary, I love to share about you to the world..

my amazing diary


Find A lover on Gala?

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Mini Love Nightmare

you'll terbayang-bayang my face for tonight

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Hello October of 2018!!

And bye-bye september..

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14th birthday is the worst

I really appreciate this shitty celebration

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My Top 10 Favourite Songs in September

Let's we listen to them together, bae!!!

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Back to Hostel

Hostel Life is The Best

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I'm a 'Grapy Girl' for a Day

Let's we learn about 'Nutrients of Grapes'!!

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About Anne's diary

HELLO!!! Nice to see you even though I can't see you.. before that, I'm Anne Ishan or ant whatever... I love to write blogs so I create my own website. Yeah, I love it! I called it as "ANNE'S DIARY" because it seems like my DIARY but I have nothing to keep as SECRET. The point is I would like to share about my MAGICAL LIFE that seems like a DRAMA that we can't EXPECT about the ENDING..
About Anne's diary About Anne's diary About Anne's diary

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"Every Episodes of a Diary Can Make an Inspirational Movie"

love by -Candy Anne-

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