25 Nov

7th November 2018, Wednesday 

dear diary,

 Gala is a party in school which is recommended by a school. Everybody was so excited for it. Me too maybe. It was held on wednesday night in the hall. All of us went to hostel early for dressing. So, prep class was cancelled. Some of us were happy but some of them were like "alaa.. dah nak exam ni bila nak study ni? malam confirm tak de prep," how bout me? 

"Lantaklah.. asal boleh lepak,"

 My friends were asking me about my gala costume. Hehe.. I malas nak cakap.i just wanted to suprise them even though I know nothing special. When Hanim asked me about it, I was like..

"Nurin pakai baju korporat. tak pun telekung je masuk dewan nanti," 

Hanim's reaction : -_-


 I forgot to bring my DSLR camera. I didn't bring phone too. I need to borrow my friends' phone. Chill je. 

 I went to my dorm after the morning session of class ended. I took a long long nap hehe. ZZZZzzz... ZZZZzzzz..

After Isyak..

 I ironed my dress *baju kurung kembang gile and shawl*. I brought those because my friends guessed it. I rushed to my dorm and dressed up. I wore a simple outfit.I mean simple lah jugak daripada orang lain.

What I wore on #gala2018 :

Floral dress I didn't know where its from. My mom bought it.                                 

green scarf from Rico Naldi at Physicon                                                                 

Silkygirl compact powder *just that what I have in my locker*                                

Nivea lipbalm                                                                                                           

Silky girl Liquid Lipstick

 I packed all of those in last minute. The powder was already in my locker. I usually use it. Then, I walked to Anis' dorm and Safiah's dorm. I went to Hanim's dorm then because it was still early. I didn't want to go to hall early. 

 When I got into, Hanim was like..

"cantiknya!!" but tbh I wasn't. She was more beautiful than me laa :D. I walked to Syiqin's dorm then. I pelik laa why she was not at her locker? tak balik lagi ke?

 She was standing at zureen's locker actually! I dah nak balik dah. Glad to see her.  I walked come to her. Baru masuk, Syiqin dah mintak tolong pasangkan dia kerongsang -_- sepak kang jk. After a few minutes, I asked her for a brooch. She gave me and I took it from her gladly. I borrowed Syiqin's shoes and she wore another shoes.

Me and Syiqin walked together to hall. I was like..


 When we arrived at hall, I walked to toilet at school hurriedly even though it was so dark inside. Lantaklah, masuk je asal dia tak nampak aku. I helped Safiah tolong pakaikan tudung hahaha. 

 Me and Syiqin walked to backstage -_-'' and then kena marah #takpasalpasal. Syiqin's twin is a guy from form 4. Me with a senior too but he's 17 #gappattahun. Ajmal has a twin too >,< his partner is younger than us. 

 Syiqin and her partner were just fit. Me with my partner were fit too. really fitted. I wore green while he wore a dinner suit which black in colour. BUT, we never talk with each other then. hoho.. 

 After dinner, all of us took pictures. I told some of my friends to take some pics. Anis went to hostel too early because she was not in a good mood. 2e4 members took the pics at the between of hall and canteen because there was the only space where we can get the light.

 We borrowed Shamil's IPHONE *mention ket*. His iphone was full with our faces. I took pics with my classmates, Hanim, Safiah, Syiqin, Hanim, Atikah etc. I went to my dorm at 12.56 a.m. so so so so late. hahah. Teachers said that night was our night. hoho freedom. 

 I saw him on the party. I walked on stage. I looked at him for a second. He didn't care at all when everybody clapped their hand loudly. He gave me no clap. No smile. Nothing. I wish he would stare at me even less than one second. My heart was a piece of glass about to break into thousands.

 HOHOHOHOHO.. that is just a part of my drama. I hope I can write the story until the ending. I hope all of you guys are excited to know how's the ending of Ember's story. Hope you always support me. I really appreciate it.  Bye-bye, bae : >

Love from,

Anne Ishan.

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