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16 Sep

Dear Diary,

  Sometimes I love to stay in my dorm but sometimes not. But, it's awesome. In hostel, we live in a community. That's what people always say about hostel. So, today I need to go to my hostel and it's SMK Lembah Bidong, Setiu. It is not too far from my home so, 'HOMESICK' is my problem anymore. 

  When I was in form 1, I was crying in school hall. I don't know why I cried on that time. it's so insane and HUMILIATING!!! crazyyyy!!! it was my first day actually. it's normal, guys.. FIRST DAY!!! everybody will MISS THEIR HOME, FAMILY, and TECHNOLOGIES. >_< so bad.. 

  I cried because I feel like LONELY and I can't see my family everyday like I did before. I just can see them only in weekends. it is just what I thought before. I have remembered that I was crying only two times because of HOMESICK. So, I'm a STRONG GIRL ;) LMAO. 

Why did I cry??? 

  I cried because of "I tak sempat nak salam parents tho" T_T It's so EMBERASSING because of everyone looked at me while I was crying!! I can't hold it on that time so I just let it go.. then, a senior that I called her 'Kak Nad' persuaded me. I really appreciate it until now. I love her so much but maybe she loved me as her junior only T-T I want to say 'thank you' to her but it's never out from my mouth. she's a kind SENIOR!!!

  Hmmm.. about senior?? I have lots of seniors and I love some of them. 

"To all Seniors that I love NOW. All of seniors that have treaten me well before and now, I love you and I really appreciate it until now and I never forget em'. I love you :D"

Yeah.. that's it. I love them so much. so, let's we move to HOSTEL STORY

  Many people thinking that hostel is not good at all. It causes of bully, social problems etc. Actually, it is up to you. Different people, different way.

  I mean, if you stay in hostel because you want to study, it's okay. everything will be fine. trust me, you'll be a successful person. but if you stay just for find friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and so on, please don't waste your time.

"if you know how to take care bout yourself, everything will be fine"

  Every school has many problems even though in daily school. you know, what the most important thing is 'BE STRONG'. 

  I thought that I was bullied by a group of seniors when I was in form 1 but actually it was just my mindset. They were just warned me. I thought they were scolding me but actually they aren't. They love me. They don't want me to do those same mistakes anymore. They just want me to be a better person. Now, I love them and I really appreciate what they have given to me.

  I have a lot of stories in hostel. I love all of my memories with friends at school. yah, this is the ending. so, don't ever forget guys, always saying "i'm happy".. I love you guys for being my listener.. btw, I'll tell you more amazing stories next time!!


Candy Anne

"Everything will be alright if we have FRIENDS" -me-

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