Mini Love Nightmare

26 Oct

10th october of 2018, wednesday

dear diary,  

 Wednesday is the day that students have to wear corporate shirt. All of us seem like bawang merah. So, we always membawang on Wednesday. Hahaha.. 

 Me and my classmates always gila gila everyday I thought. Whatever.

 One day Wednesday, I made a funny face. I don't know how I got that idea. 

  When we were in prep class, we played true or dare. I got my turn. Hanim gave me a challenge. It was...


 I need to do it to everyone. I showed my face to one of my classmates, Fendi that I always call him as my bae but actually not. Whatever. Then, he was like..

 What the hell are you doing, Nurin?"

 Hanim, Nadra and Sum were laughing as loud as they could. They seem like nak mati. I laughed too. Louder than them maybe.

Nis was laughing too. But, she was like ayu ayu cam tu. Then..

Ajmal and Syamil came into our classroom. Then, Hanim told them..

"Hey, look at Nurin's face! Trust me, if you look at her, you will teringat ingat muka dia for tonight. You Tak leh tido nanti. Hahahaha hahahaha,"

I laughed for that. What Hanim said might be real. 

I didn't do it yet. But Ajmal was already know that I'll show him then. Ajmal said..

"She want to show up her mini love with her double chin?" 

I laughed because Ajmal could do that face with his double chin or my face laa.. it was same!! 

I just slayed it. I showed him. Then, Hanim wanted me to do it dekat sikit. I baru nak jalan ke sana. Ajmal was afraid of that!! Why did you afraid of it, Ajmal? You might mengingau my face nanti!! Hahahhaha..

Asyiq was afraid of that too. He didn't want to see my face even once laa. Why, Syiq??

I showed my face to everyone inside our classroom or nearby. Some of them were laughing and some of them were like "hahhahahhahahhahahamharr" okeh boskurrr.. 

At a moment..

Me, Hanim and Nadra were standing at balcony. We saw Fandi on third floor. We were on second floor. So, we can see it. I said "my bae". I swear I was joking je.. but, Hanim was like..


This mysterious story about my bae will coming up!! all of you will know bout it.. So..

LOVE YOU, BAE!!! Bye bye! See yah..


Anne Ishan.

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